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Application section for Prospective Pilots

Post Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:22 pm
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Galactic Express is looking for individuals who enjoy mining, ratting, and pvp in what we call "Miners Utopia" that's right the Drone Regions. Those looking to join us should be willing to work with the corporation and alliance in developing our sovereign system in both mining and ratting. However we give great freedom in your ability to do your own thing as long as you contribute to the corp overall.

The Cobalt Edge region takes some extra commitment and work due to being located in the Drone Regions. The corporation does buy minerals, salvage from the drones, and various forms of PI Material, so despite the rumors you can make it out here even if you are fairly new to the game (Though you probably need, at the minimum, the abililty to fly a battlecruiser in order to rat effectively).

If you are interested please contact Mecinia Lua, Might Joe, Andy Tibs, Peebubble, Safid Gorbet, or Butterball.

Visit us in our public channel GEPT Recruit, or express your interest by posting below. We do require a full API key.

As life has evolved we prefer a 10 million skill point minimum but will consider those with 5 million skill points on a case by case basis.
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